That's a Bummer

Well, I broke my camera. I dropped it Friday...twice. Now it won't do a thing. It's just a useless hunk of metal.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be getting a new camera for at least a few weeks. So, I can't show you pictures from the fun I had this weekend at Timmy's birthday party, or the fun I had at my dad/step-mom/niece/family friend's birthday party, or the fun at the Saint Paul Saint's game over the weekend, or how cute the little guy was last night when I visited, or the progress on my knitting.

As such, blog posts may be relatively light for the next few weeks.

In better news, my new Harmony Wood Size Zero arrived over the weekend from Knitpicks, so I can get started again on the Synesthesia sock and finish that up! Yay!


Your Brother said…
Hey, don't ya have a camera on your phone? You could use that, right?
castingaway said…
Size 0? Wow! And you don't break them? I'm envious!

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