Well, Now There's An Idea!

My brother made a good point. My cellphone has a camera, so maybe I can take some really crummy pictures for my blog. Let's try one!

That's me...inside a turtle at the Children's Museum in Saint Paul a little over two years ago. Yes, I am that much of a dork. I wasn't even trying to entertain a small child at the time. Just bein' me.

Okay, so that seems to work! I've got a work around until I can get a new camera! Thanks, bro!

Yesterday I saw a woman walking down Nicollet Mall with a Kurt Cobain lunch box.

I also let my nephew push around the lawnmower. IT WAS OFF! I'm not crazy! He asked so nicely...."Hep me...hep me...hep me" as he tried to push it out of the garage that I could not resist. I thought it was cute. Obviously, I do not have children of my own. Next thing you know, I'll be feeding him cupcakes and diet Coke before bed.

Gretchen was not amused. She did not think it was a good idea. She has a point. A lawnmower is not a toy. She let out an exaxperated little sigh and looked at me with those scolding mom-eyes and asked, "If he were your child, would you let him play with the lawnmower?"

I guess not.

But, in my defense, when he tried to head around front and poke at the gas cap and whatnot, I told him "no" and informed him that the only safe place with a lawnmower was BEHIND the lawnmower.

It's never too early to teach your child lawnmower safety.


castingaway said…
Classic! Yes, and this would be why I like you so much!
Orinda5 said…
I love the photo!

I'm thinking you may have a future in lawnmower safety curriculum development. ;)

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