Now..On to the Hard Part

I have two sleeves done for the Nothing But a T-Shirt!

Now, it's on to the dreaded picking up stitches for the collar (although I'll have far fewer to pick up since I left some of the stitches on the front and back "live" rather than binding off as the pattern said to do...I followed the Lumpy Sweater's lead on that!) and of course seaming. Yick.

And I am 3 pattern repeats away from doing the ribbing for the cuff of the Synesthesia socks.

No, I still have not bought a new camera. Picture quality continues to be sub-par.

I don't have anything too exciting planned for the weekend. Some quality time with Gigi and the Little Guy. Hopefully I'll finish up the sock while I am on the bus there and back!


Well, now, that's just brilliant. I hadn't even thought about leaving some of the stitch live along the neckline, but that makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, I am so far behind the both of you that I can copy all of your ideas. ;-)

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