Knitting Adjustment

Going in to last weekend, I was fairly confident I would finish up the back of “Nothing But A T-Shirt” and get started on the front.

Then, I came to a somewhat startling realization. It’s a thought that has been taking up a little space in my head, but last weekend it sort of moved in permanently. Too bad it didn’t bring new furniture with it.

I don’t get a lot of knitting done on the weekend.

It’s not just the nice weekends like this past one that my knitting always seems to take a back seat to whatever else comes up. I never get as much done as I thought I would on the crummy, rainy weekends either. Why?

It’s people. People are the problem. I have friends. And family. And there’s this guy I kinda like to hang out with. And I’m just not the kind of knitter that can actively engage in both knitting and visiting at the same time. I’m also not the type of knitter that will choose my yarn and sticks over time spent with friends, family, and guy. So, I’ve realized I need to adjust my knitting expectations.

As such, I didn’t finish the back of the “T” until Tuesday and started the front on Wednesday. But, it is done. Here it is!


Miss 376 said…
I have had two days like that this week, have got to the end of the day and wondered where the time had gone. There are just some times you cannot knit. Hoping to make up for it later though. The T looks great. Hope you get your summer back to show it off
Looks good! I'm almost done writing the new pattern for the rest of my back, so I might finally be able to finish it this week! Hopefully your finished back will be the cue for your summer to finally arrive...
Genuine said…
Oooh, it looks lovely! Beautifully soft looking. Lush!

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