Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steady Progress

I've been making slow but steady knitting progress this week.

I managed to finish the heel of the Synesthesia Sock (which you can't really see in this picture).

And have gotten to the "Work 24 rows even" part of the front of my Nothing But a T-Shirt.

Crummy pictures courtesy of my cell phone. Hopefully I'll get a new camera soon.

I am looking forward to LOTS of knitting time this weekend! I'm heading to Wisconsin with my dad and step-mom to visit Grandpa. We will be driving to Wisconsin Rapids Friday night, then driving Grandpa to my Aunt's home in LaCrosse on Saturday, and then back to the Twin Cities on Sunday. Yup...lots of hours spent in the car. Perfect for knitting.

I'm sure there will be lots of Mexican Train dominoes and Hand and Foot playing as well. I'll let you all know if I win. Grandpa is pretty cut-throat, so I don't have high hopes. He may be 96, but he's still sharp as a tack. My dad is pretty skilled at the dominoes as well, but I think I'm on to his strategy. Watch out, Pop!


castingaway said...

Hope you have lots of fun!!

BTW, my grandmother is 96 and my family's favorite game is Mexican Train! Too Funny!

Just KT said...

Give Grandpa a run for his money and don't feel too bad if you whoop him at least one game out of the 200 that you will get to play. You are lucky!!! Have a great time.