The List Continues....100 Things About Me, Part III

I don't know how I'll make it to 100!

51. I am afraid of falling.
52. I have been skydiving.
53. I like spicy foods.
54. I love V8.
55. My favorite dessert is cake.
56. I should really exercise more.
57. And drink more water.
58. I used to be really in to gift wrapping. Now, not so much.
59. I still really like picking out gifts for other people.
60. I get colds a lot.
61. I have a thing for guys in hard hats.
62. I have never had a cavity.
63. I listen almost exclusively to Minnesota Public Radio.
64. I let my membership to Minnesota Public Radio lapse.
65. I was born seven minutes after my sister.
66. I dropped Physics in high school and rejoined Orchestra so I could have lunch at the same time as all my friends.
67. I was also on the yearbook staff senior year.
68. We had a healthy (?) rivalry going with the Anokahi, the student newspaper.
69. The highest bowling score I have ever achieved was 120. It was a bit of a miracle.
70. I score over 200 on Wii bowling.
71. I have tried and failed at water-skiing.
72. I don’t ever want to try again.
73. My favorite city is Chicago.
74. The first thing I ever knit was a dishcloth.
75. I’ve been knitting for about 10 years…but only seriously for about 4.


Gigi said…
these are fun to read!
Anonymous said…
hard hats? really?!?
Just KT said…
I had a Patrick Swayze as a construction guy poster on my closet wall when I was in high school. Yep, hard hats!
Orinda5 said…
Yearbook totally rocked!
I dropped Physics to take yearbook. My counselor was so angry with me - little did he know that it would help me to land my first teaching job.

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