Bagels are Just an Excuse to Eat Cream Cheese

My Knitpicks Harmony Wood size zero knitting needles arrived yesterday! I was pleasantly surprised since I just ordered them last Thursday and really didn't expect them for a few more days.

They seem so small and fragile! The wood is lovely though, and the cables are nice and flexible. I think I will like them very much. That's right...I resisted the urge to immediately cast on the third time for the Synesthesia socks. I wanted to make up for lost time on the Friday Harbor Socks (sorry, no progress pics today) AND I had grocery shopping to do.

I had a coupon for Lunds to get $15 off a total purchase of $50 or more. As I shopped, I added up the cost of all my items. I have to say, it does not take long to spend $50 at Lunds. I hadn't even made it around the perimeter of the store before I'd spent almost $50.

Then again, I did buy some things I don't normally buy, like bean sprouts and veggie burgers. Also, bagels and cream cheese. Because I love cream cheese. And I need something to put it on.


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