I'm Back!

I know. I've been sort of MIA for the last few days. Thing is, I've been fighting this cold for about two weeks now. For the first week, it was just a sore throat. Then that went away and I had a couple good days. Then it returned in full force over the weekend.

I think the whole thing would have been over sooner had I not kept doing things - going to basketball games, dinner and Wii with friends, attending a baptism, visiting my sister, shopping. Finally, Monday afternoon I said, "That's it. I need to go home and rest." So, Monday and Tuesday I stayed home, and lo and behold....look what I did.

Not only that, but I finished it!

Then I cast on for the second sock and have about half of the cuff done.

I ALSO started over on the Synesthesia Socks. I'm using my size 1 bamboo needles. Addi size 1s are actually a little bigger than other size 1 needles, so I thought I would give these a try.

We'll see if it is still too big. After using the Sox Stix on the Friday Harbor socks, I find the longer bamboo needles to be a big pain. Also, the tips are rather blunt, which has slowed me down. I got the toe and one pattern repeat done. I knit most of this while standing up since that helped with the congestion a bit. I also slept most of the last two nights in a somewhat seated position. Does anyone else find that staying upright helps with congestion? Or am I just weird?

Most of the rest of the day, I slept...much like Zoey. I think it's cute how her tail is curled up over her head.


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