Go Twins!

The Twins played an exciting game against the Angels last night. We've got a young team, but I think they show a lot of potential. I think our new CF, Carlos "Gogomez" Gomez is going to be very exciting to watch.

We didn't go to the game, but we created our own Metrodome at D's place. Here is our bratwurst condiment selection.

During the 4th inning, I made nachos just like they do at the dome: radioactive-orange cheese sauce and jalapenos. Yum!

I took some pictures of the TV during the game. Don't ask why. When you have a digital camera, sometimes you take pictures of crazy things.

Of course, I had to get a shot of my new, favorite Twin, Gogomez.

I think this is a shot of him in action. He had two hits, two stolen bases, and scored two runs. And, he had an exciting catch of a fly ball from Torii Hunter, who used to play CF for the Twins. Overall, a great MN start for him!

And our hometown boy, Joe Mauer.

We'll see how the rest of the series goes. I feel a cold coming on, but if I am feeling up for it I'm heading to the noon game on Thursday. I'll be in the cheap seats with a score-card, Dome Dog, and a beer.


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