Lucky Me!

I am lucky for many reasons. Just one of them is what was waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday!

This is a skein of Cinnamon's Dye Pot yarn (I left the label at home, so cannot give more details). The colors are beautiful, and it is so soft. Also included in the package was a pattern for some socks.

Who was so nice to send me wool in the mail? Knitea, who I know from Ravelry! A month or so ago she sent me a message asking if the Rowanspun Chunky I had was the "eggnog" color. Seems she was working on a Central Park Hoodie using this yarn, was a bit short, and it's been discontinued.

Sure enough, the two skeins I had were the color she needed. I told her there was no need to pay for them. If she needed them, I'd just give them to her and in the mail they want. I told her I believe in Knitting Karma, and eventually it would come back to me.

And it did! I can't wait to get started on some socks with this yarn. Just need to finish the other two pair I'm working on first.



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