It's Springtime!

Nothing says "Spring" like the grilling of meat!

(Note the presence of veggies for you vegetarians as well)

Imagine my surprise when I stepped outside yesterday and it was WARM! Really, really warm. It was Sunday, my cold was finally starting to subside, and it was finally warm! Yay! It made me a little sad that up until that point I'd spent the day playing the Star Wars: Lego game on Xbox.

Did I get any knitting done over the weekend? Sadly, no. I spent a lot of Saturday sleeping, and then I was sucked in to the video game world on Sunday. Then some friends invited us over to grill and drink beer. I said "Thank You" by walking off with someone else's sunglasses. Woops.

Sunday night I sat down with my old friends, the Desperate Housewives, and the Friday Harbor Sock. I did about 4 rows, all the while lamenting that I was doing something wrong, because I kept coming up with the wrong number of stitches. And then I realized I was even more wrong than I had thought and had to undo it all. Sigh.

It's still a beautiful afternoon here. Someone said the sky is gray off to the west. Hopefully any bad weather can hold off until I am back from my grocery shopping and sunglasses returning trips. I'll let ya know tomorrow!


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