Scarf Progress

The Kid Slique Scarf is coming along nicely. Once I was able to wrap what I have so far around my neck, I realized it is quite pretty.

Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern. I still find the mohair a bear to work with (yes, I rhymed that on purpose). I want it to be longer, so I'll be on to the second skein of yarn.

My friend Heather stopped by my cube today, and I took a picture of her in the hat! Looks good, no?
Speaking of my cube, here is my messy desk. You can see a bit of the Wall-o-Nathan, the file cabinet covered in magnets, and a picture of Sebastian Telfair from the MN Timberwolves. Ever since he played all 48 minutes of that game against the Pacers, he's been my favorite Timberwolf. Him and Craig Smith...oh, and Corey Brewer too I guess...well, Marko Jaric is pretty good too. Oh my gosh! Can't forget Big Al Jefferson. Okay, they are all my favorite.

I've been reading the Lumpy Sweater as of late. She's a teen knitter, and I think her blog is a lot of fun and often has very good commentary about the knitterly world in general. I also like random observations, such as in today's post where she notes that many teen knitters have pink blogs. Who knew? Apparently the Lumpy Sweater did!

Anyhoo...a few days ago, she used the word "Kerfuffle", which has to be one of the greatest words out there. It just might replace "brewery" as my favorite word. It means a commotion. As used in a sentence, I might say, "A great kerfuffle arose in the car when my peckishness was not appeased with a stop at McDonald's."


Genuine_Lye said…
Would you believe and forgive this humble sinner when I say that I totally didn't know you mentioned my blog and linked to it? I was like, ooh, shiny scarf, bum, bum, HEY, she insulted beautiful mohair, boya boy am I gonna get HER in the comments and then I see your paragraph. About my blog.


Smacks forehead.

Still, what's wrong with mohair? The scarf sure looks like it turned out nice, mohair and all!

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