Well, That's Wierd.

There's a guy that lives in my building that seems a little...strange. I see him around the neighborhood a lot. He just wanders around. I think he might work at the grocery store, but I've never actually seen him there. He's quiet, and I suppose harmless, but certainly not someone I want to invite over for coffee.

Saturday I came in from the grocery store and was checking my mail. He came up the stairs and said, "Hello Miss", which really surprised me. Then he asked me to loan him $5 until the next time he gets paid.

Ugh. I hate when people ask me for money, mostly because I am too nice to say no.

So, I gave him $5 and told him to just slide it under my door when he could. And then I was mad at myself, and a little embarrassed that I'm such a pushover, and I didn't tell anyone about it for three days.

Well, here's where the story gets weird. Tuesday I was walking home from the drugstore with a small pharmacy worth of cold medicines in my bag. I was heading east, and heading west towards me was Quiet Guy. We both turned on to our street, and he was maybe a half-block ahead of me.

This made me very uncomfortable. I didn't want to catch up to him, because I felt I'd have to acknowledge in some way that he owed me money. So, I ducked in to the coffee shop for some chamomile tea. When I came out, he hadn't gotten too far ahead of me. He was stopped at the light. By the time it changed, I was again less than a half-block behind him.

Abruptly, he turned left at the bank. This is about 2 blocks before our building. When I got up to the corner and looked, he had DISAPPEARED. My first thought was, "Wow...he's like some ghost man or something".

I kept walking, turned back at one point, and HE WAS HIDING BEHIND THE BANK! YES! The man was HIDING FROM ME! ME! Can you imagine?

For him to have gotten behind the bank in the time it took me to get to the corner, he would have had to turn the corner and RUN back there...or at least walk really, really fast. I find it rather comical actually. He was actually hiding from me.

He can keep the $5.


SaraB said…
I live across from a gas station and people approach me for gas money as I'm between my car and door. It's very uncomfortable and sometimes a bit sketchy, because I'm a woman alone. I definitely know how you feel about lending money.
Genuine said…
That's right, I can see it now, Michelle, beating $5 out of a random guy she doesn't know.

Oh, wait, I can't see that!

LOL. Good story.

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