A Scarf...A Sock...Cute AND Dangerous Animals

I finished up the Kid Slique scarf last night. I held it up and it was taller than me, so I figured that was as good a length as any. I took some photos in the bathroom mirror. I'm particularly enamored with how it looks with my orange t-shirt. Quite a striking contrast, no?

So, I've got about a half-skein left of this stuff. What to do with it? I'm toying with the idea of making some mittens and using a bit of the Kid Slique around the cuff, or maybe a hat with some Kid Slique on the brim. Who knows? I could also knit a scarf for my teddy-bear. This is the most likely option since I am lazy.

Having bundles of time left in my evening after I completed this, I decided to give the Friday Harbor socks another go. I got half-way through the cuff.

Not much to see so far. Those are my rosewood Sox Stix I am using...what is left of them anyway. I've still got 4, which is plenty for socks. How do I like them for socks (I've only used them so far for knitting back-and-forth on some tiny projects)? They are fabulous! I really like them. And I'm not just saying that because the person who gave them to me reads this blog.

I love the shorter length. It's nice not to have so much extra needle to contend with. They also seem to have the perfect ratio of slipperiness to stickiness. The yarn glides along nicely, but does not fall off the needle. Perfect! I think these will knit up in no time.

So...while surfing the Internet today in an attempt to find things in Ireland that can kill you (don't ask) I came across this!

The 6 Cutest Animals Than Can Still Destroy You (there is some profanity here...you have been warned!)

Quite funny, but still doesn't get me any closer to my search for deadly terrors in Ireland.


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