The St. Paul CraftstravaBRRRRanza

I call it that because it was SO COLD. Thank goodness I had fortified myself with this yummy breakfast beforehand!

Mom, Sister, and I headed over to the Fine Arts Building at the Mn State Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon. The building has no heat, and since it was cold outside, it was cold inside. The vendors were all wrapped in blankets, hats, mittens, scarves, puffy down coats. By the time we left, my feet were numb.

Other than that, it was a great craft show!

Sis and I bought matching bags from the Crabby Sister Club.

I will be adorning mine with my new "Dork" button. I also got an "I love St. Paul" button. Minneapolis is okay too. Some of the suburbs aren't so bad either.

I bought some funny cards for people having babies. Who do I know having a baby? Well, at the moment just my SIL, but I am in my mid-thirties (shudder as I write that), so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone else I know is knocked up. These are from zeichen press. I love that they are irreverent and a little snarky, without being rude.

And the best of all, these lovely earrings. Aren't they beautiful? They are from Susan Jones Designs. Check out her Flowbots! Cute!

Among other fun things I saw, but did not buy: fun jewelry and whatnot made from recycled junk mail! Speaking of recycling, check out the Recycling Artist. She had some great bags and mats. Saving the planet while being crafty! Yay!

Of course, since last year's Craftstravaganza, I've been coveting something from Fiery Lion Designs...particularly this...she had it at the show in pink. Sigh. Unfortunately, I made a rash decision to buy two bottles of wine Friday night, and I just couldn't justify spending the last of my money on one necklace. Maybe next year.
I still have more exciting weekend adventures to talk about! Check back tomorrow for "Fun Times and Rubber Duckies at The Mermaid"!


Just KT said…
I LOVE the purse and earrings!
Anonymous said…
And I LOVE the cards!!! Especially the 2nd one!

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