A Cold...Snow...Sleet...Rain

Wow. Minnesota is just not the place to be right now. It's rainy, snowy, windy and cold. On top of it, my throat is sore, dry and scratchy.

One highlight of these miserable few days was the Yarn Harlot! Mom and I braved the weather and headed out to see her speak. She was wonderfully witty...just like her blog and books. We didn't wait in line to meet her. The weather was treacherous by that point and Mom had to drive back to the other side of the city, plus my throat was really bothering me. When I am feeling better, perhaps I'll write more about the experience. While there, I ran in to an high-school classmate! Small world! What makes it even smaller is that her mother-in-law was my sister's real estate agent. Crazy.

Sadly, none of my pictures turned out worth posting. I'm sure she'll have some photos on her blog in the next day.

Anyhoo...I plan to knit a lot this weekend and stay indoors. This was a busy week: Class Tuesday, Timberwolves game on Wednesday, and the Yarn Harlot yesterday. I'm looking forward to staying in tonight. My weekend is pretty activity-filled, so tonight will be time to fend off this cold!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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