Well, That's A Little Dissapointing...

Look what happened.

Yes, those are my lovely, beautiful rosewood Sox Stix (and my fun little pig bag). That little one there just snapped in half in my hand this past weekend. I wanted to cry. I was knitting in to the front and back of a stitch at the time, so perhaps was using a little more pressure than usual. But it shouldn't have broke!

Not much knitting has been getting done lately. I had a little flurry of activity there with the baby gift and as usually happens I will now go in to "knitting quiet time" and regroup. Maybe I'll actually get some reading done. Frog that yellow sweater. Update information on Ravelry. Practice my Arabic dance. Play Ratchet and Clank after months away (I've missed those little guys!). Who knows? But, it may be kind of quiet here for a bit.


OK, that is just wrong!! I know that Brittany replaces their needles, maybe the same might be true of the Lantern Moon? Sorry, they are très expensive and lovely...
castingaway said…
And this is why I don't use bamboo anymore. I broke 2 addi natural 40" circulars. And they don't replace them. So sorry this happened to you, too. Pooh! **hugs**

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