6 Months and Counting

I received word from my mom today that the Three River's Park District Knitting Retreat has been scheduled for the last weekend in September...perfectly coinciding with me and G's birthday! There is a little more information here:


They usually send out the list of classes that will be held in July or August. I can't wait!

If any of you reading this are from Minnesota and want to know more about it, let me know. You should think about going. This will be the 4th year my mom and I have gone. Hopefully Gretchen will be able to come with us this year!

Time for some pictures from the flower show.

I think my favorite flowers were these:

If you look closely, you can see they are striped. Self-striping flowers!

I've got an idea in my head now! I could make my own self-striping yarn with Kool-Aid. And use the colors in this flower! I'm actually pretty excited about this. I've got some vacation time coming up in May, and that may be the perfect time to stretch my creativity!


D said…
Wow, Kool-Aid can actually do that to yarn?!? Is it permanent?
jenn said…
I really want to go on that retreat!!!!

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