Well, I'm a little worried about the Synesthesia socks. They seem a bit large and loose. I finished up the heel last night, and I just don't know. They fit, but they are loose. Very loose.

I just tried them on again and came to a sad conclusion. I think I need to start over. The heel is very, very large (not just in height, but width as well). Too big for me. In the photo above, it looks like monster-heel...taking over the sock.

I think these would be better on a size 0 needle (the pattern calls for size 2...I am using size 1). I don't have size 0. At least not two circs...I might have them in bamboo DPNs. Part of what I liked about this pattern though was it was so easy. They were a perfect bus project, and using two circs is the best way to do socks on the bus, IMHO. If I use DPNs, I worry about them falling off the needle and I can't shove them in my bag as easily.

Anyone reading this have big feet, or know someone with big feet that might enjoy some lovely, handknit socks? Or maybe a pregnant woman with swollen ankles?

I had a long weekend, and it was nice to have a little break. What did I do with all my time? Well, other than knitting the monster-heel socks, I spent some quality time organizing my kitchen. Zoey checks things out before I get started.

I also spent some time with family. Gretchen, Nathan, and I all played in the snow.

Don't you love toddlers in snow suits?

Then Nathan took off and flew away.


Anonymous said…
To infinity! And beyond!!
Genuine_Lye said…
Darn it. Well, at least when I this pattern, I can be very careful about gauge and size. I have rather awkward feet (skinny ankles but 8 inch circumference) so I'll play around with the pattern a bit. I want to knit it with oceanwindknits splash, but I don't have the money yet for the yarn.

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