The Post in which Michelle Rambles on about Mary Pickford

After my Arabic dance class last night, I got to go to Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe. Mmm...sweet treat! I had the Salted Caramel with an Izzy Scoop of Cream Cheese (Izzy Scoop - it's a little tiny scoop of ice cream you get with your big scoop!). Yes, that ice cream did taste just like cream cheese. I don't think I could have a whole scoop of it, but the Izzy scoop is perfect. And the salted caramel. So good. I'll have to get that again.

Then I went home and watched American Experience on PBS. It was about Mary Pickford and it was so depressing. Well, only the last half-hour was depressing...when her family members died, she divorced Douglas Fairbanks, her career tanked, she started drinking, and then she died. Apparently, when she made an appearance at the Oscars in the late '70s people were horrified at how she looked. Well, come on people! She was in her 80s! I thought she looked lovely.

So, after hearing about how great her life was, and then how horribly awry it all went, the show ended by saying, "Mary Pickford died in 1979 at age 87". And that was it. I kept waiting for the "feel-good" coda...something like, "Her influence on American Cinema is felt to this day" or "Mary Pickford's early career proved that women could be influential in the film industry" or "Thousands of little girls named Mary still look up to Mary Pickford". But no. It just ended on that rather sad note.

I was a little horrified to find out she was playing 11 and 12 year old characters when she was in her late 20s. Strange.

Okay, enough of that rambling. I realized last night that I have to end my knitting hiatus because...I've got knitter's lunch today! Can't go to knitter's lunch and not knit, now can I?

I'm going to start making a scarf out of this:

It's Prism Kid extravagant purchase I made about 5 years ago before "fiscal responsibility" was part of my vocabulary. I figure a scarf will be a nice quick project and may help me get my knitting mojo back.

I have also decided to frog the Synesthesia socks and start over on smaller needles. I'm also going to do them toe-up and with a short-row toe and favorite way to do socks!


Anonymous said…
ribbit ... ribbit
jenn said…
you have a knitting lunch too????

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