Let It Snow!

I was waiting for the light rail train last night after class by the Metrodome. For a time, I was the only one waiting, so I didn't feel too silly taking advantage of this.

It says, "Go ahead and let is snow. Small kindnesses, weather permitting".

Most of the light rail stations have these boxes. Some of them have a little t.v. screen, some just a speaker. I believe this one used to have a snowglobe inside. Not sure what happened to it. When you turn the crank, the snowglobe would spin over and then a recorded message would play. I listened to a poem and a commentary on ice fishing ("What does one do with the ice once they have caught it? Seems to me pan frying wouldn't be an option").

I've never tried the box at the 46th Street Station which I use, but at the Nicollet Mall station I watched a video of someone playing the piano.

I don't see people using these too often. I was curious about them, so I did some searching and found this article about the boxes. It's pretty interesting. All the boxes have commentary on either the weather or "Minnesota Nice". There is another article here.

I think one of these days, when the weather is nice, I may ride the light rail and check out more of the boxes. Anyone want to join me?

Well, no snowglobe anymore in the box, but I woke up within a snowglobe today. Works for me.


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