Yay! Zippers...Oh Wait...No Zippers

I got home last night and found a package by my door! Yay! My zippers! I had ordered several zippers for the Ribby Cardi from Zipperstop. Unfortunately, they seem to have gotten lost in the mail, so they were sent again and arrived yesterday.

Perhaps being able to complete the Ribby Cardi would assuage some of the knitting ill will that has built up inside me due to the MONSTER HEEL SOCK.

Here is Zoey posing with my zippers. Since they are cheap, I ordered several, just to see what color I liked best.

And here is a zipper with the Ribby Cardi.

What's that you notice? Yup...it's about an inch and a half short. I ordered 18" zippers. I measured the cardi again, and the zipper band is 19.5". Apparently, I was living in some alternate world when I ordered them. Who knows.

The fact is, I still do not have a zipper.

Zoey enjoyed playing with my measuring tape though.

So, I'm not really feeling knitting right now. I think I'll take a break. A little week-long hiatus, in which I plan a trip to Costa Rica. Heck....I may not even go to Costa Rica, but a girl's got to keep busy.


Anonymous said…
Maybe you are just measurment challenged. Someday you will have a zipper for the cardi.

Anonymous said…
Costa Rica! Sounds fun.

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