Weekend Progress

Before I go any further, I forgot to show you all the top of the hat on Friday. Here is the finished squiggliness!

The other thing I made* this weekend was a little wagon for Nathan's babies.

He was very excited about the wagon when he returned from the Montessori School open house. He carted his babies all over the house in it.

Then he wanted to ride in it. Being the doting Aunt, I was more than happy to oblige. He actually could sit in it, kind of, and hold his feet up and go for a ride. Gretchen came downstairs at one point and she said Nathan looked so proud of his little wagon. Yay!

He's about 19 months now, and he's making animal noises that are hilarious, and Gretchen says he runs around the house asking for "Nana! Papa! Mimi!". Awww....he loves me!

Sunday I decided I needed to get some work done on Frog. I decided to ditch the legs, arms, hands, and feet I had made for him. The pattern calls for making separate hands and feet that then need to be sewn to the arms and legs, which then need to be sewn to the frog. Well, you know how I feel about sewing. Instead, I made arms and legs the same way I made the squiggles for the hat. I think they turned out pretty good, and were a heck of a lot easier! Tonight I hope to finish up the strap and other little pieces.

What has become of the Ribby Cardi and Petroleum Blanket? Well, the petroleum blanket is sitting in a plastic bag (how appropriate), very neglected. I finally ordered a zipper for the Ribby Cardi, so I should be able to show off that FO very soon!

* Okay, I assembled it.


GiGi said…
what a fun post. I loved reading about your weekend. and the frog is so cute.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad you added a note that you assembled the wagon. I was wondering where you picked up the metalworking skills.

Love Mom

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