I finished up Frog last night! Here's one view of him.

Above his head is the clip that attaches to Baby's shirt, and the pacifier goes in the clip below the butterfly. This will only work with a button pacifier. If you have the book, you get a better sense of how it clips on so that the frog is not upside down.

He's supposed to be sitting on some leaves, but they didn't look very leaf-like to me so I left them out. I did like the little stem, so I kept that. You can see it a little better below.

I wasn't going to make the butterfly because I thought it was too girly, and this is for a boy baby. Now that I see it finished, I do think it is a little more girly than I would like. I'm planning to remove the butterfly and make some leaves for the end of the stem instead. Maybe something that will look sort of lilypad-ish. I may also make the strap just a wee-bit longer.

Overall, I think this seems a bit bulky for a pacifier clip, but it is cute. I think I'll like the elephand even better. He's a little more stream-lined.


Anonymous said…
What fun! Love the frog! Can't wait to see it in person!


p.s. are the cookies all gone?
GiGi said…
what a cutie!
Anonymous said…
Has definite Ohhhh! and Ahhhh! potential for the baby shower. Will you be there to get all the glory?!?
Just KT said…
I don't think the blue is too girly. I think it is a very cute baby blue. Either way it is way cute. Great Job!

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