My Knitting Mojo...It is Not Coming Back

This is all that is left of the Synesthesia socks. (It's a bad picture, I know)

I'm going to order some Harmony Wood circs in size zero from Knitpicks and start over when those arrive. Unless my mom has two size zero circs...Mom?

I also started several times to make a scarf with that lovely Prism Kid Slique. Argh. I started over Knitter's Lunch yesterday, and it did not go well. I was using some older aluminum needles that had been my grandmother's, and I LOATHED them. They were horrible. I've never liked aluminum needles. I don't like the noise they make or the "feeling" when they touch one another. It was all I could do not to throw them across the room yesterday.

Then I came home and tried on some other needles, some acrylic 10.5s I have. I didn't have much luck. Ya know...I just don't like working with this yarn. It has a strand of mohair in it, which I find difficult to work with. It's beautiful yarn, but...that mohair makes me crazy. This may be a problem because I have 10...yes TEN balls of GGH Kid Mohair in my stash.

Anyhoo...I finally gave up on the pattern I was trying and went for the plain garter stitch.

That seemed to be going fine, but it's such beautiful yarn, I felt I should do something special. I took it out on the bus this morning and did a few rows of the K1, (K2tog, Yo)repeat, K1 pattern I had. It seemed to go pretty well, so now I have this monstrosity.

He he he...I've also rescued my size 11 bamboo needles from a file cabinet in my office, so I may try using those. I like the pattern...but I think I want something a little wider.

I'm a little disheartened that I am having so much trouble with a simple scarf. And a little disappointed that this beautiful yarn is such a pain to work with. I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned in here somewhere. Just not sure what it is.
Zoey has been giving it a lot of thought though.
When I wasn't knitting last night, I was at Lund's for their Meat Sale. FUN! Then I cooked up a nice steak with some caramelized onions and mushrooms. This was all topped off with a trip to Dairy Queen, where my crazy ice-cream companion suggested we sit outdoors. That didn't last long.
We'll end this post with a little story about Nathan. Several times I have ridden the bus to Gretchen's place, or to Ridgedale where she and Nathan pick me up. Well, now when he sees a bus he says, "Bus! Mimi!" Isn't that cute?


Anonymous said…
I don't have any size 0 circs, guess you will have to use toothpicks. I may have some 0 double points.
Anonymous said…
Seeing as my other responses did not show up, guess I typed in the letters wrong, here is my comment about mohair.
Although it is very pretty it is a pain to knit with, and don't make any mistakes because it is almost impossible to rip out. (I made a lace scarf many years ago out of mohair and had to restart many times.) I also knit a scarf last winter using two yarns (It was one skein with two yarns in it one mohair) I just used a garter stitch but it was still very slippery. And itchy around my neck.

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