Sports Updates

It's the night we've been waiting for. The Twins Homeopener is tonight and we'll be playing the Angels. This morning I took the train to work so I could stop off at the Metrodome for Breakfast on the Plaza. A hotdog and coffee for breakfast - what could be better?

And, as is appropriate to welcome baseball season, it is snowing! We are supposed to get 6 inches of snow today.

In other sports news, for the first time ever, the 4 teams that made it to the Men's NCAA Final Four are also the #1 seeds from each region.

I worked on the Kid Slique Scarf over the weekend. Here's my "artsy" photo of it so far.

I've almost through one skein of the yarn. It is very pretty yarn, but the mohair is a pain to work with. The mohair strand is actually longer than the other strand, which is a very annoying. I'll be happy when this is done and think twice before I buy "luxury" yarn again.

I spent a lot of time with Gretchen and Nathan this weekend. Gretchen and Matt closed on their new house Thursday, so I went over to help Gretchen clean. I did this in exchange for a less-than-yummy meal from Noodle's and some cleaning supplies for my place. I also got to hang out with Nathan at the park. That was better than any payment!

And of course we went for a nice little walk since the weather was so nice.

Over the weekend, I commented to someone that I was feeling rather peckish. When asked to define peckish, all I could come up with was "Well, hungry" to which my friend replied, "Well, then why don't you just say you are hungry?"

So, I looked it up. And not only does it mean "somewhat hungry", but it can also mean "rather irritable" or "ill-tempered". This is perfect, because sometimes when I get hungry, I get rather irritable. I now can use just one word to warn those around me that if I don't eat soon, life will get ugly.

And it sounds so pleasant. "Dear, I'm feeling a bit peckish. Could we stop at that McDonald's there?" And he'll think, "Hmmm...she said 'peckish'. Better pull over."


Just KT said…
It must be genetic. Your brother gets to be the same way. Great word for it.
castingaway said…
I use the word peckish, too. Nice to know all that it means! BTW, all those definitions fit me, too, when I am "peckish."

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