Bawk, Bawk, Bawk!

I went to the flower show at Dayton' Field''s on Saturday. Interestingly, there was a large chicken there.

I'll post more pictures from the flower show throughout the week. I don't want to inundate my blog with flower photos.

Usually, when I go to Macy's, I am ignored. However, one saleswoman there paid particular attention to me, especially when I picked up this lovely Kate Spade bag. Hey, it's going to be 20% of this it will only be $300! I do not look anything like a person who would spend $300 on a bag (maybe on yarn, but not a bag). It was nice of her though to pretend that I looked like someone who would spend $300 on a bag.

I did not do much (okay, I didn't do any) knitting this weekend, but my latest knitting student did complete this.

Pretty good for someone's first project, eh? I'll admit, I did the squiggles and the cast on, but that was it.

Last night I did about five loads of laundry, and Zoey the Cat kept trying to escape from my apartment. At one point, she was sitting so close to the door when I came back she got whacked when I came in. She doesn't appear any worse for the wear.


GiGi said…
that hat rocks! tell the beginner knitter that I am very proud! Kudos to that person. And kudos to the teacher! And a Special K bar for me!
(lets see if anyone gets that joke)
Anonymous said…
Just goes to show how bad the economy is now, huh? I bet I'll get the same line when I go shopping today, too.

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