Another Itty Bitty Hat

Wednesday night I cast on for the hat to go with the elephant pacifier clip. I worked on it on the bus on the way to work Thursday, during my lunch, and while watching "Celebrity Apprentice" and "Lipstick Jungle". I finished it about 10 p.m. last night and weaved in the few ends on the bus this morning! Quick project!

My ability to finish this so quickly was significantly helped by the fact that D gave me a ride home from class last night, so I was home about an hour earlier than usual. Even better, he brought me a SHAMROCK SHAKE! Yum!

Here is a closeup of the little top.

This was just the simple baby cap from Itty bitty Hats with the top of the Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch-n-Bitch. I'll post more details later.

Wednesday night I had dinner with my friend Jenn, and then we headed to PetCo to get some stuff for Zoey. She loves her new brush and this little crinkly ball. She's kind of like a 19 month old though. She'd play with it on the couch, but when it fell on the floor she'd just look at me like, "Well, pick it up and give it back to me". That didn't last too long.


castingaway said…
Sweet hat! Sweet cat! Hee!

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