Zoey The Cat

Well, Zoey has been with me for about three weeks now. She has really warmed up to me. She loves to sit in my lap and be petted. Whenever I am holding something, she has to come over and check it out. She'll nip at the remote, my cell phone, knitting needles, whatever it is in my hands. Fortunately, she doesn't seem too interested batting around my yarn or playing with my projects. She may knead the fabric a bit and sit on it, but that's it.

Zoey drinks from a water glass (hey, Gretchen and Matt...how did that start?). Matt brought "her glass" with him when Zoey came to live with me. Unfortunately, it looks just like my glasses, so I have to be careful. A couple times this weekend she tried to drink from my water glass.

She still likes to sit in the closet...

And the bath tub holds a certain fascination for her...

I bought her some new toys this weekend and she had a lot of fun batting them around. It was really funny to watch.

She's a sweet cat. I wish I knew what all her meows mean. She was so chatty this morning. Maybe she was trying to wish me a happy new year.


castingaway said…
Sweet! Maybe she was telling you how she is enjoying staying with you much more than she originally thought she would.
I've woken in the middle of the night to the sound of Marmalade having a nighttime sip of my water on my bedside table. Yummy! I use a jar, now, that he can't get his head into.

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