A Quick Knitting Update...And Video Game Update

The Ribby Cardi is coming along wonderfully! I'm about halfway done with the right front. It's a perfect project for bus knitting and social knitting. I could probably finish it up tonight, but since I plan to be home alone knitting, I think I may work on something that requires more concentration. Such as....

The Friday Harbor Socks. I printed up the Errata and will maybe cast on for those tonight. I'm using my Silkie Socks That Rock.

In other knitting news, I spent part of Tuesday night frogging all the pieces of the Dragon Hoodie. For you non-knitters out there, that is when you rip out all your knitting. Get it? Rip it..rip it...rip it. I loved this line from Knitty.com:

"The term frogging gives the impression of a rather exuberant ripping out of knitted stitches."

It was not nearly that much fun.

The other thing I try to do when I get a chance is play Ratchet and Clank. I'm on Planet Barlow right now...and about the only the I have left to do is win the hoverbike race. Playstation keeps track of how long you've played the game. I've played about 10 hours total, and I think it may take me nearly as long to win the hoverbike race. I can't move on to a new planet until I do that. Sigh. Fortunately, Ratchet and Clank do not reside at my home, otherwise who knows how much time would be wasted. Precious knitting time.

Last night I had to turn the sound down while I played so I didn't have to listen to poor Ratchet's cries as I dropped him in to the abyss over and over. Poor little guy.


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