A Few Things I am Looking Forward To...

Greetings! The holiday season is here (I realize my notation of this is a bit late). Other than the chance to run around wearing snowflakes on my head and listen to The Kingston Trio Last Month of the Year album over and over and over, there are many things I am excited about this holiday season.

Here are just a few:

My twin sister, G, and her family (M and N) are moving back to Minnesota in January! For years G and I have lamented the fact that we can't go shopping at Target together. This is all about to change. I hope her husband is prepared.

I'll have a cat for a bit! I will be caring for Zoey the Cat while G and M look for a place to live here in Minnesota. I've been assured she will not try to sleep on my head.

My step-sister, B, is expecting a baby...ANY DAY NOW! This will be niece/nephew 16 for me. Oh yeah...17 and 18 are on the way.

Mostly, I'm excited to spend Christmas Eve with my family, and looking forward to Santa's visit. For some reason he showed up at my Dad's house on Thanksgiving. I hope he doesn't forget to come back on the 24th!

And, I can't forget...I'm excited about all the things I am going to knit in the next few weeks. Well, okay...the one or two things.


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