Nothings Says "Merry Christmas" Like Vodka

My dad and step-mom gave me liquor for Christmas! How great is that? Just so you know, this also came with some martini glasses. If they had given me some vermouth as well it would have been perfect. But, you know what Winston Churchill said about making the perfect martini? You fill a martini glass with gin (or in my case, vodka), while looking at the bottle of vermouth. Or something like that.

Christmas Eve at my dad's house was a fun, loud, raucous evening. What can you expect when the kids outnumber the adults...and I use the word "adults" very loosely.

Emily made these really nice place cards for all the family. She drew a little nativity scene on each one (she made about 20 I suppose), and then wrote a special message on the back. My favorites were the ones that said "I Snow Love You".

Everyone had a wonderful time. It was fun to watch the kids open their gifts. Lots of toys for the little kids, and the big kids got new digital cameras.

Christmas morning I headed back to my mom's house to pick up her size two Addi Turbo Lace knitting needles. My mom got a really nice laptop from my step-dad. When I asked her what she was going to do with it she said, "Well, now when Dick is on the computer downstairs, I can be on Ravelry upstairs". Yes! A laptop specifically for knitting purposes.

My step-dad was very excited about his air compressor. And nail gun.
I could only stay at mom's a short while. It was snowing again. So, back to St. Paul I went and my cozy apartment where Zoey the Cat was waiting. We spent some quality time listening to Christmas music while I knit. Here is what I accomplished over the weekend. The left front and part of the right front of the Ribby Cardi.

No post would be complete without another cute photo of Zoey. I think she is looking out the window, wondering where the Hanukkah Armadillo is.

I'll post more later about some of the goodies I got for Christmas.


Anonymous said…
Mmmmmm, vodka. :-)

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