The Snuffleupagus Generation Gap

Several of my co-workers are about 10 years younger than me. Many of them graduated from college recently and were born in the 80s. Wow. They are young. They don't understand a "Who Shot JR?" reference, the Space Shuttle tragedy refers to the Columbia, and the Simpsons has pretty much always been on TV.

And...everyone on Sesame Street has always known Mr. Snuffleupagus.

I didn't think about this until today when I was telling a co-worker how I had been referred to as a "snuffleupagus". She just looked at me askance. And then I her world, Snuffy was never accused of being Big Bird's imaginary friend! Everyone always knew him! When I watched Sesame Street, Snuffy always took off before Gordon, Maria, or Bob ever showed up. No one thought he really existed.

I think this is a little sad. Never will they be able to say to a friend, whose significant other they have not met:

"I don't think she exists. She's a snuffleupagus."

A great loss for that generation. A great loss.


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