A Mitten! Kobe! More Snow!

It's been an exciting few days here in Minnesota. Well, if knitting accomplishments and watching your basketball team lose can be called exciting. I think I'll rewind a couple days....

We got more snow here in the Twin Cities on Tuesday. It snowed all day, and by the time I left work, it was a mess. I actually got to leave early, which was good, otherwise I would not have made it downtown in time to see the Wolves take on the Lakers. The bus was hot, crowded, and full of loud people. It took us a half-hour to get from Coffman Union to the Metrodome...for those of you not from around here, this usually takes 5 minutes. Of course, it then took another 20 minutes to get to Hennepin Avenue and the Target Center.

I was pretty excited to see Kobe Bryant play. He is a basketball superstar after all. Of course the Wolves lost, but we did have the game tied for one brief, shining moment!

Yeah...in the 1st Quarter. It was all downhill from there.

Wednesday was my day off. I work four ten-hour days...for a couple more weeks anyway. I woke up and this was what my neighborhood looked like.
I did the things I like to do on my day off: Coffee and the newspaper at White Rock Coffee Roasters, visit the library, went to see the movie Enchanted, and of course got some knitting done. Finally!

I completed 3 more pattern repeats on the Monkey socks, so they are ready for the heel flap, 10 more rows on the Thinking Dress (I hope mine looks as nice as the one in the link) and worked on the mitten UFO. I only finished off the thumb.

I'll start the other mitten over the weekend. My sister does not have a pattern for these, so I am going to use a pattern I found on Ravelry as a guide. It's Bev's THE Mitts by Beverly A. Qualheim. I know my sister did these flat and this pattern looks to be very similar. Now, I only hope there is enough yarn for a second mitten!


G-man said…
when i saw the title "kobe" i thought maybe you meant Kobe beef...and I was excited. Not so much for kobe bryant.....

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