It's Like The Never Ending Gift Card

I went to Target yesterday to attempt once more to use up my gift card. I bought a pair of jeans, 2 sweaters, a toy for a tot, and a pony-tail holder...and I still have $25.98 left. It's like the bottomless gift card.

I also finished the mitten yesterday! went so fast. Actually, the entire time I was at Target all I could think about was getting home to finish the mitten. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

I've spent today getting ready for Zoey the Cat's arrival. I've got some cat treats for her and a little toy. I've been told when she gets here, after an 11 hour car ride from Indiana, that she will be...cranky. Well, who wouldn't be? She'll probably hiss at me the first few days and hide under the bed. I checked the state of under my bed this morning and was quite shocked. It was quite the haven for dust bunnies. Good thing I checked or I'd have a dusty cat on my hands.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. It was kind of nice having a weekend in the middle of the week.


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