When Life Gives You Ice, Go Ice Skating!

When you have a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 20s and no wind in Minnesota, it's best to get out and enjoy it. Saturday, I headed to Rice Park in downtown St. Paul for free ice skating. Even better, if you have a Wells Fargo check or credit card, the skate rental is free too!

My first comment when I got out on the ice was, "It's so slippery". Well, yeah. It's ice. I don't know what I was expecting.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around the Tea Garden and then heading over to Ristorante Luci (just a few blocks from me) for dinner.

The big news this weekend was the arrival of Zoey the Cat. Matt arrived about 5:30 on Friday and we got Zoey settled in before we headed to Cecil's for some dinner. If you have not been to Cecil's, you are missing some of the best food in the Twin Cities.

Zoey is still very wary of me, and hisses when I get too close. Occasionally, she'll bat at me with her paw and make a disturbing growling noise. I'm just trying to give her some space. She seems to like sitting on my bathroom rug. I also found her in the bathtub Sunday morning.

And last but not least, I finished the Monkey Socks this weekend! I don't have a great picture yet, but will hopefully get some of them on Carrie's feet this evening. I'll post more info on the socks tomorrow


Mom said…
You look so cute on your skates. Zoey looks pretty comfortable also. I like the socks send me the pattern.

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