Friday, December 21, 2007

Hey! Nice Pants!

Things are pretty quiet here at work today. Yesterday was the last day of finals, so the fall semester is officially over and students are heading home.

I came across two of my co-workers re-living fashion circa 1986.
Just in case you can't see that very well, here's a close up:

Another co-worker brought in a pie from Bettie's Pies...a toffee cream pie. Mmmmmm. So good!

Speaking of pies, I called back the company about the pecan pie. The woman I talked to this time told me to keep it. I'll be taking it to my dad's on Christmas Eve, I think. I've never had Pecan Pie before!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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starshrine said...

Hi Michelle! My dad (Santa) gave me a link to your blog. Your knitting is so lovely!

I remember those pants. The fold/pin and roll was practically a fashion requirement back then :)