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This morning I got on the bus and the woman who also rides that bus most mornings was knitting. I've been riding that bus for almost a year and have never seen her knit. Now, the last day I will be riding that bus, I discover she too is a knitter. She was working on an afghan. I shared my progress so far on my Ribby Cardi (more on that later), and also showed her the picture of my dad's sweater that I have in my cell phone. It's a little sad...a lost knitting connection. Sigh.

We have two short weeks at work, so my hours will be different, and then I go back to a regular 5-day week. For the past three years I've been working 4 10-hour days. Wednesday was my day off, and I loved it. I often said, "I wouldn't give my Wednesday up for ANYTHING."

Well, I lied. A co-worker had a baby in October (the recipient of the Cherry-O! Hat), and she really wanted to work a 4 day week, but there were already the maximum number of people doing that. I know my sister really treasured the time when she worked four days and was able to spend some extra time with Nathan. So, I offered my Wednesday to my co-worker. I mean, really, what's more important? She gets an extra day with her baby, or I get to do my laundry and run all my errands? She comes back to work in the New Year, and then I begin a regular work week.

Some people think I'm crazy...but I'm actually excited to not have to wake up at 5 a.m. and to have a little more free time in the evenings. And, I'll be done with work in time to make it to Happy Hour!

So, I spent my last Wednesday off doing some things I like to do. I had lunch with my mom downtown at Eddingtons, did a little shopping, started working on the Ribby Cardi, and then headed to The Happy Gnome to meet my friend Jon for some holiday beer...er, cheer.

We had a lot of choices for our Holiday Cheer...I had the Surly Furious.

And, as I've mentioned several times now, I started work on the Ribby Cardi. I bought the yarn three years ago. I knit one for my sister, and am FINALLY going to start mine! Not much to see so far...just a bit of the left front.

And one more random note! Last night Zoey sat on my lap for the first time! She got up, walked over, and had seat. Only for a minute or two, but it was nice.

Then she threw up.


Anonymous said…
That is a great line. "And then she threw up." See ya Sunday.


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