My Plunder

Well, I can't say I really did any plundering while at the No-Coast Craft-O-Rama. I exercised great restraint and only bought one small bag's worth of goodies.

Here's everything:

I do love all the things I bought. Let's take a closer look, shall we?
First of all, this lovely hand-dyed yarn from Aisha Celia Designs. Click on the link and look at the yarn in that photo. Don't you just want to grab it and take it home? She had so much lovely yarn...I picked one ball of sock yarn. And yes! I will make socks for myself from this. It's super soft. Mmmmm....yarn....yummy.

My first purchase was actually this pair of cute yellow earrings from Lady Rocket. She also sold fun things like key chains, pocket mirrors, little metal boxes, hair clips. Fun stuff.

I've been looking for a new key chain (I switch up key chains every few months), and I found just the thing at Button Pom. I love this fabric. A few months ago, I got my sister a little bag made of the same fabric. I got that at the Weisman Art Museum store, one of my most favorite places to shop. If you've never been to the Weisman, get there! It's free!

There were several vendors there selling letter press paper goods. I bought a desk calendar and some coasters from papered together. I think the calendar is beautiful. It may be a gift for someone. The coasters I thought were a little cheeky and fun. The vendor assured me the girls are in fact 21!

And last but not least, I bought some soaps (to be used as gifts) and lip balm from Biggs and Featherbelle. I gotta tell ya...their packaging rocks! Of course the soaps smell great, and so far the lip balm has not irritated my lips (important...I have sensitive lips and many balms and such make them hurt). I have more soap them I can shake a stick at in my apartment, so these soaps will travel far and wide to be gifts for someone.

So, that's it. All my No-Coast purchases. Now, I eagerly await the St. Paul Craftstravaganza. I'm sure many of the same vendors will be there. I hope so anyway. I'll start saving my money now.


Gretch said…
I will be able to go to the Craftstavaganza with you!
Ms. P said…
The desk calendar made me swoon - gorgeous!!

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