Maybe She Wants To Learn To Knit

Zoey the Cat seems to be warming up to me. Tuesday night she was crawling on me...but I think she was more interested in checking out the knitting that was going on. She sniffed at my needles and the yarn, then went on her way.

Wednesday night she actually let me pet her a little bit. That was nice. I'm sure as time goes on she'll get more comfortable with me.

She still likes to hang out in the bathroom. I almost feel bad having to kick her out...

I was off work yesterday. Zoey spent most of the day curled up at the end of my bed. sweet.

I started working on the Friday Harbor socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. They were a bit tight, so I'll try again with a larger needle. I also found a nice post that talks about knitting this sock and has a link to the Interweave erratum. I really had trouble with it because I couldn't seem to stay in the pattern. The number of stitches just DID NOT WORK with the chart. Turns out I am not crazy...there really is an error. Ha!

I'm going to use my Sikie Socks that Rock yarn for these. I got far enough on the sock to know they will be beautiful!


Anonymous said…
You're not going want to give her back! She is a cutie!

Thanks for the heads up on the errata!

Merry Christmas!

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