More Christmas Goodies!

I know my sister is excited to see more pictures of some of the gifts I received for Christmas, so here goes.

First up, my Sox Stix! Aren't they beautiful? They are Rosewood in a size 3. I'm planning to knit some little swatches with some of my sock yarn and then make a decision about what to knit with these. I'm very excited. I think they are so beautiful...I just want to carry them all over with me.
Then I got this! The coolest thing ever, and it matches my red kitchen perfectly. It's a butter bell! It keeps your butter fresh and at room temperature (SPREADABLE!). Now, I just need to get a salt pig. Maybe not a $30 one tho'.

Here it is in action!

There were several items I received that had been purchased at the No-Coast Craft-O-Rama. Below you can see my Alpaca, a mug from Jennie the Potter, and a little pin that is so cute.

I also got some gift certificates, including one for a new transportation service. I'm looking forward to checking that out. This service comes complete with driver. Beat that, Zipcar!

(I actually love Zipcar. It rocks.)

Overall, this was a wonderful Christmas. All my gifts were thoughtful and perfect. I'm a lucky girl.

Zoey the Cat has found a new place she likes to hang out. My closet. I can't blame her. It's very warm.

Yeah, it's kind of a disaster in there.


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