The Mitten

I have successfully completed the first of my UFOs! I finished the second mitten on Wednesday. I really like the pattern I used: Bev's THE Mitts. It was so easy and the mitten knit up incredibly fast! I think I will make more with this pattern.

The mitten was knit flat. After completing the cuff and a few rows, you begin to increase in the middle of the mitten for the thumb. That is where the markers are. See those very first pair of needles, ever! My sister, Gretchen, bought them for me. Silvalume Susan Bates, Size 8. I learned to knit on these needles.

Once the increases are done, you leave the sides on holders and just knit the thumb. Here the mitten is, ready for the thumb.

And before I knew it....
From there, it was pretty easy. I did not make the decreases as the pattern called for...I improvised to make the two mittens match. And here they are!
As you can see, one is bigger than the other. My gauge was looser than my sister's (remember, she knit this first mitten about 8 years ago). I know I should have checked this, but they are close enough.
I'm so excited to have them done. Now, I have mittens to match the scarf Gretchen made me....

The Dragon Hoodie is up next on the UFO list, but it will have to wait until the Monkey socks are done.


Gretch said…
i smiled as I read about the new mittens "birth"...and am so happy the lonely mitten now has it's twin...i guess it as a fraternal tiwn...sort of like their creators!

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