A Well Received Gift

I got together with my friend Lucy last night to deliver the Thinking Dress. I was worried it wouldn't fit Mara (21 months). She called me when she got home and said that it fit perfectly and that Mara loved her new purple dress. In fact, I could hear Mara in the background running around and shouting. Yay!

In other weekend knitting news, I finished up the right front of the Ribby Cardi. The pic isn't that great.

So, on to the back! And then the arms! And then the finishing!

I also started the Friday Harbor Socks. I didn't get very far, but here 's the progress. I worked on this while watching Bruce Almighty on Fox Friday night.

You might notice something in all these pictures. Why, it's my new table! Saturday morning I went to Ikea, had their $1.99 breakfast, and then bought a table!

When Zoey the Cat tries to jump on it, she sort of slides across.


Anonymous said…
Love that little dress! Must see about getting that book!
Congrats on your knitting accomplishments and the table!

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